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Street Artist Sues American Eagle for Seriously Stealing His Work

Image via <a href="">Miami New Times</a>
Image via Miami New Times

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You know those lazy, colorful eyeballs that stare at you as you speed past Wynwood on I-95? Well if you shop at American Eagle, you definitely do, because the retailer has plastered them all over one of their more recent campaigns, and now the artist, David Anasagasti (otherwise known as AholSniffsGlue) is suing the clothing retailer for not giving him the credit.

The work was featured on American Eagle's webpage, social media sites, billboards and in-store displays, but it gets better. According to Miami New Times, the brand allegedly hired local graffiti artists to recreate his work on an eight-foot panel in Medillín, Colombia.

This could potentially be a landmark case for street artists, whose work is featured in the backgrounds of many campaigns and photographs found throughout the web. Like the famed eyes that Ahol has created, we'll be watching this closely.
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