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Find Tales of Stiltsville at The Bookstore in the Grove This Summer

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Welcome to Beach Reads, the series that delivers page-turning picks for the dog days of summer.

Image Via The Bookstore in the Grove

When it comes to books, Dylann Turffs knows her stuff. As superstar employee of The Bookstore in the Grove, a spacious bookstore in Coconut Grove with its own locally sourced cafe and plenty of reading events throughout the month, homegirl has read over 400 books in her lifetime, and is already 25 volumes in for this year alone.

Her pages of choice are in fiction, mystery, magical realism and poetry novels, however for this week's edition of beach read, she chose some books that focus on the stories and nuances of our own South Florida. Click through for her selections, which include stories about beaches, storms and the mystery that is Stiltsville.

St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves by Karen Russell: I don't have a pic of it but I'm sure it won't be hard to fine one. It is a collection of short stories by Russell, an author originally from Miami. I love it because they are all set in very south-Florida settings--beaches, cypress swamps, etc.--but they're a refreshing change from the typical South Florida novel which is all corruption, drugs, and suntans. The smells and feel of a Miami summer are like no other place, and her stories capture the magical, quirky feel so well. ($)

Stiltsville by Susanna Daniel: I'm really excited to read "Stiltsville," a novel set in, among other Miami spots, our very own Stiltsville! It looks really light and fun and I can't imagine a better book to read while lounging on Key Biscayne.

The Farm by Tom Rob Smith: I am also really excited to read "The Farm" by Tom Rob Smith. It's a mystery and psychological thriller type novel. It's been a pretty popular book as the author had quite a bit of success on his previous novels. After the light and fun reads above, something dark and fast-paced would be the perfect way to settle in at home for an afternoon storm.
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