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Five Men's Fashion Week Trends That Are So Miami

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Men's Fashion Week wrapped up this Sunday, and whether it's blatantly stated or not, we've noticed a lot of Magic City influences on the runways. Epicenters of men's fashion- Paris, Milan, London- are churning out spring trends quicker than you can say 'Bravisimo!' and big wig designers like Louis Vuitton and Roberto Cavalli are elevating menswear this spring to a flavor and a language that Miamians speak well- BIG AND BOLD. Here are four trends that scream "Miami!" and are sure to stir a fashion frenzy amongst the hot men in our stylish city. -Kathy Buccio

Image Via Marc Jacobs

Tropical Prints: Fun was the attitude du jour at the Marc Jacobs show, showing men can rock a summer print just as good as the ladies. It was all about colorful and quirky tailored pieces, like this tropical-infused flamingo shirt that just screams 'Miami!'. The retro runway lineup also included classic sportswear in shades of muted grey, pink and blue.

Images Via Facebook/Cavalli

Miami Vice Suits: Cavalli didn't shy away from prints either- (floral and snakeskin, anyone?) but hints of a Miami Vice/South Beach flair were evident in his 'man cleavage' tops, oversized suits and metallic muscle shirts. You could swear Don Johnson was sitting front row. A Ferrari parked in the middle of the runway only added to the flamboyant and showy spectacle that can be oh so Miami.

Image Via Facebook/Calvin Klein
Classic Nudes: Leave it to designers at Calvin Klein to keep the modern gentlemen looking minimal, sharp, and clean in classic nudes. They must have had Miami on the brain when designing this athletic yet modern and crisp collection. The nudes translate well to our hot and body-conscious city and the lightweight textures are easy and, dare we say, masculine to wear on our sands.

Image Via Facebook/DSQUARED2

Color: Hey, it's Miami, which means the louder the better when it comes to fashion, and that includes menswear. The boys behind DSquared2 are creating pop-art dreams with their fluorescent and graphic pieces- from spring jackets to a little pink speedo that is perfectly plucked for Miami's sceney beaches. The cropped white pants, a city staple, are a classic backdrop to vibrant hues of bubblegum pink, cobalt blue and electric yellow.

Image Via Now Fashion
Light-up Sneakers: Sneaker heads of Miami rejoice! It was all about the light up sneakers at the Raf Simons show. This eye-popping accessory is a cool alternative to the traditional slip ons and espadrilles on our fashionable men. Jazz them up with a bright color and wear them with your snazziest white crop pants.