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Is Miami's Future SkyRise Structure the Next Eiffel Tower?

Image Via SkyRise Miami
Image Via SkyRise Miami

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The Miami Herald reports that the team behind the monstrous, phallic-shaped structure is about to strike a deal with city officials and Bayside Marketplace operators, wherein the tower will be built and Bayside will go under some much needed renovations. This tower of fun is reportedly bringing us fine-dining, a nightclub, a ballroom, a store, bungee jumping and a virtual theater, and is so massive you'll be able to see all the way out into the everglades and Key Largo if you stand at the top.

To match that, Bayside will have to add two levels to its now three car garage and nix most of its outdoor landscaping to make way for more retail stores which, if all goes to the developer's plan, will be viewable from Biscayne Boulevard. They are required to revamp the entire retail complex- new tiles, fresh paint jobs, shiny toilets!- and maintain it in first class condition because, according to one city commissioner, "it's not even second-class condition now." No date has been set to break ground, so we'll believe this whole "Eiffel Tower" business when we see it. Au revoir!
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