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Zara Has Sneakily Opened Its Flagship on Lincoln Road!

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Image Via Virginia Gil
Image Via Virginia Gil

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The long wait is over folks; Zara officially opened today on Lincoln Road! This new Miami flagship, which anchors the corner of the historically landmarked 420 building, missed its scheduled winter opening and, according to a source, seems to have missed its mark in putting up bold Zara signage. There are a few real estate signs, but barely a sticker on the windows.

The fast-fashion powerhouse brand has surprisingly remained mum about the opening of its flagship. No social media announcement has been made and no bloggers have come out of the woodwork, as they did a few weeks ago for H&M's grande fete at International Mall. A savvy Racked tipster put the opening on our radar. We should have seen it coming though. Zara has been hosting casting calls all week, mentioning that "this store will have a new image based on four principles: beauty, clarity, functionality and sustainability." Right...

What we're taking from this is that we can now dress the entire family— men, women, kids!— in runway-worthy looks for less, even if we can't really tell it's Zara from the outside. Also, Lincoln Road is 26,000 square feet closer to being the generic retail monster everyone is pinning it out to be. Whine all you want folks, but would you rather the overpopulation of shady tourist shops that wreak of sunscreen and burn your eyes with flashes of children-averse, neon tank tops again? Let's hash it out in the comments.
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