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The Architect of Events Reveals How To Throw an Epic Wedding Party

Images Via Karla Conceptual Event Experiences
Images Via Karla Conceptual Event Experiences

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When the who's who of Miami needs to put on a grande fête, they call upon Karla Dascal. Otherwise known as the Architect of Events, she's conquered the art of a good party, be it an intimate dinner gathering during Basel or the most important party of your life: your wedding.

What began as a floral company has now become a bourgeoning event planning, design, and production firm, where Karla manages her own team of artisans, craftsmen and event specialists to make sure that every part of your event is more elaborate than what you could have ever dreamed of. She even goes so far as to support you holistically, planning yoga, relationship counseling and more, to make sure you're set mentally for your big day, as she feels it all plays directly into how the party goes, not only for you, but also your guests.

So what words of wisdom can Miami's top event planner provide us with for Weddings Week this year? We picked her brain about the top wedding trends, religious wedding conundrums and what to do about that sticky plus one situation when it comes to your single friends. Click through to hear what advice she rendered up for us.

How far in advance should someone book a planner?
You should book your planner 8 months to 12 months in advance, depending on the size and scope of your event. Factor in more time for a destination wedding and if there are multiple events.

What's the biggest wedding trend you've noticed or are predicting for the year?
The biggest trend is destination weddings- but with Miami as the destination. Right now, it's not about the islands. Tons of people are choosing to get married in Miami- not only because of our climate, but because Miami is a very hot, happening and central city.

Technically, when is wedding season in Miami?
In Miami, wedding season begins in October and goes through June.

What are the three elements of a good reception?
For me, the three elements of a good reception are the food, the entertainment and the ambience.

What should you splurge on, and what should you skimp on?
I would splurge on entertainment and food. Skimp on the giveaway. People usually get home and trash it anyway. If the entertainment and food are top notch, you'll have a fabulous, memorable event.

What wedding tradition would you do away with?
Sit down dinners. They are super boring! Weddings should be fun, upbeat and interactive.

Gay weddings: are they any different then planning straight weddings?
No, they aren't different at all!

What's a good way to decline a guest's request to bring a plus one?
If you need to cut down your number of guests, do it another way. I would not decline anybody. It's correct etiquette to allow a single person to bring a guest, so you should factor plus ones into your overall number from the beginning.

Two people, from two completely opposite religions are getting married. Both are set on keeping their religious traditions. How do you manage to have a ceremony and reception that caters to both?
Catering to both religions can be really beautiful. You can also choose to make a ceremony and reception more spiritual so that it's not about religions, but more about love and unity.

What are the three things you need to consider if you're planning a destination wedding?
When planning a destination wedding, three things you need to consider are location, accommodations, and transportation. If you're doing an off site event, you have to remember to book transportation, as most of the guests will be coming in from out of town.

You've been in this business for quite some time now. What was the biggest mistake you ever made while planning a wedding, and what did you learn from it?
The biggest mistake I've made is to let the client take control. Ultimately, it's my responsibility to handle all aspects of the event. Clients will try to convince me that they can handle some of the design elements, but in the end, I want to be accountable for everything because that's my job!

Any last words of wisdom for our brides out there?
Relax! It's a process, one that should be easy, flowing and beautiful.
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