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Ginger Harris Found Mommy and Me Harem Pants at This Shop

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It feels like a new store pops up every week in Miami, now that the world has remembered how awesome we are. Even so, our minds keep racing towards the same usual suspects, so we're asking local shopping gurus to squeal their hidden retail gems we might not otherwise know about. Cue the Beatles: We're about to get a little help from our friends.

You may have caught Ginger Harris, the stylish yogi behind Electric Blogarella, somewhere around town in a highly focused lotus pose. If so, there's a good chance her half-sized counterpart (and we meant that quite literally) Milly Jane Harris was right by her side, trying to hold her tiny 6-year-old self together in a mirroring stance. The likelihood of them wearing matching harem pants? Very.

In lieu of Mother's Day, we asked Ms Harris to share, not her personal favorite shop, but where she and the "kiddo" like to head when they want to add a few new pieces to their wardrobes. The duo chose Metta Loving Kindness, a boutique located in the Harris clan's favorite new stomping grounds, Sunset Harbour.

"After a stop in jugofresh for juices for the two of us, Milly and I usually make a pit-stop at Metta Loving Kindness in Sunset Harbour. We love the harem pants there. They not only have them for adults, they have them for kids and let's face it, what's cuter than a kid in harem pants? The fabric in these pants that come directly from India is really light, which makes them perfect for Miami's eternal summers. And the patterns are pretty cute, too. (We have a slight boho obsession). What we most love about Metta is the concept behind the store. They carry products that give back in one way or another: either a portion of the proceeds go to a charity, or things are made by local tribes, mostly by women in those tribes. It's really a beautiful movement and we gladly support any business with love and kindness at the heart of its concept."

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