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Doral Has the Highest Grossing Walmart in the Country

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Miami is home to many things: pristine waters, sparkling green foliage and now the nation's highest grossing Walmart. This megastore, which recently underwent a bomb threat, is located in Doral on Northwest 87th Avenue and contains Walmart's usual infinite supply of everything at "always low prices. Always." There's also a cafesito bar, vision center, McDonalds and photo center.

According to CBS Miami, assistant manager Mustapha Turay credits this store's success to its airport proximity and regional products like, for example, brands of corn flour which may be hard to find in other arepa-eating countries like Venezuela. Who knows? Maybe the new Walmart they're building in Midtown Miami will surpass sales. It seems to fit in oh-so-well with the area, don't you think? #Jokes.
· Doral Walmart Leads Country in Sales [CBS Miami]