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UPDATE: Macklemore Fans Camped Out For the Microsoft Opening

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Aventura Mall is in a state today with the opening of the Microsoft store. A source on Instagram reports that people camped out in the Macy's parking lot last night, in hopes of snagging themselves two of 1,377 tickets to an exclusive Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert on Saturday.

As of 8am roughly 400 people were waiting outside Aventura Mall, however once 10am rolled around, the line to get into the store wrapped around the second floor, from the food court to Bloomingdales. Starbucks handed out free coffee, and those in line were entertained by screens showing off their live tweets.

To commemorate the opening, Microsoft at Aventura will be selling the Dell Venue 8 tablet for $100 today only. The tablet usually retails between $229 and $299 on a regular day, so this is a stellar deal. As for the Macklemore tickets, a store representative revealed that as of 1:15 there are a few left, but you need to hustle, as they're flying fast.

Update: Aventura Mall is giving away the last three pairs of tickets to Saturday's concert, and we know how you can win them. Snap a picture of you and the friend you're bringing, follow @AventuraMall, tag them in your caption and include #MicrosoftAventura in there. Easy enough right? Now choosing what thrifty finds will you wear in your photo is the hard part. You have until Friday afternoon.
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