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What the Flight Attendant of the Future will Look Like Plus Eastern Airlines' Chic New Uniforms

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Image Via Ashley Brozic
Image Via Ashley Brozic

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Metallic. Tight. Alien-like. If the designers competing in last night's Eastern Air Lines competition had their way, the flight attendants of the future would look like they walked straight out of Zenon Girl of the 21st Century. Five local Miami designers competed in the runway competition, which took place during Miami Fashion Week and, besides putting together a collection of skirt suits and trousers for the soon to be relaunched airlines' crew members, they had the task of forecasting what those same crew members would be wearing come 2050.

"My flight attendant's [look] was inspired by The Matrix and Star Trek movies. I feel like there needs to be a change. I didn't want to play it safe," said designer Viviana Gabeiras, whose metallic slacks and shirt was met by Willy Wonka-like accessories and a flapping white cape for her futuristic look. Other designers incorporated sneaker wedges, goggle-like glasses and above all else, metallic everything into their looks. This, thankfully enough, wasn't the determining outfit, although it does seem like something that Virgin Airlines could adopt one day. For now, Eastern Air Lines' uniforms are still a bit traditional, but all the more stylish. Hopefully they will inspire other airlines to follow suit and make flying less tedious and more glamorous again. Just please though, we don't think the world is quite ready for every flight attendant to wear metallic body-suits. Please. No.

Lisu Vega and her winning designs

The airline, which shuttered in 1991, will begin to fly again soon and in an effort to rebrand itself, named one lucky Miami designer the winner of $10,000 and a three-year contract to be the official designer behind their new uniforms. This lucky winner was Lisu Vega, a local fashion and textile designer from Venezuela whose collection included navy and teal shift dresses, skirt suits and pant suits paired with statement hats, Melissa shoes and matching solid and patterned luggage.

More conservative than the rest, Vega's vision had a confident yet chic woman in mind, and the fabrics and fit of her designs seemed to be one that was more relatable to a more corporately driven company. "For me the Eastern Airlines flight attendants are the first people to represent the company, so they have to look chic, elegant, very glamorous." Her inspiration came from the Eastern Air Lines logo, the style of flight attendants from years past (you know, back when their uniforms were actually, er, chic) and her own personal life. "When I was little one of my best friends in school, her mother was a flight attendant so in the 80s it was so glamorous. I was thinking of becoming a flight attendant and a designer at the same time." Well Mrs. Vega, we think being the official designer for a flight company may be a slightly better gig. Up, up and away!
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