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Get Ready to Dutty Wine with the Brukwine Workout

Image Via Brukwine
Image Via Brukwine

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If you thought rocking your sneaker wedges at Vixen was tough, then wait until you get your heels into a Brukwine class. Whereas Vixen makes you feel like a video girl, Brukwine mixes in Dancehall and reggae to have you feeling like you're back on that spring break cruise of '09. Autavia (Tavia) Bailey and Tamara Marrow, the two gals behind the workout, danced alongside Sean Paul back in the day, if that tells you anything at all.

Right now the workout is gaining popularity in New York, however come June you'll be able to permanently "Dutty Wine" at Crunch Gyms in Miami. According to our sister site, Racked National, you can burn up to 1000 calories and the class welcomes both men and women, although it's geared mostly towards the ladies. You've got one month to prepare for this, people, so in the words of our dear Sean Paul, "Get Busy."

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