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Benefit Wants to #PrimpYourBrows. Could Miami Be Next?

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The Benefit PrimpMobile is giving FREE brow makeovers, but Miami's not even on its map! We can fix that, and all its going to take is a little city lovin'. First, head to your favorite part of town- somewhere that makes you grin, or burst out into a laugh attack. Then whip out your phone, take an Instagram photo and include #PrimpMyBrows, #Miami and @BenefitCosmetics in the caption. If Miami gets enough photos, we'll have a city of perfectly sculpted brows that Cara Delevingne's brow specialist will envy.

So where are you headed this weekend? South Beach? Little Havana? Your own backyard? The city is your oyster. Just no shameless bathroom selfies, please. Let's do #Miami proud.
· Benefit Cosmetics [Official Site]