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This Wisp of a White Shirt Feels Like Summer

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Today's pick comes from Racked National editor Leslie Price.

AE button-front peasant top, $49.95 at American Eagle.

Summer might not be here just yet, but you better be sure that this cotton shirt will be the first thing I pull out when it arrives. It's slightly boxy—kind of like this Isabel Marant number—but the sheer lace detailing at the hem and sleeves make it feel sexy. I like that it's boho but doesn't veer too far into hippie territory. And as a few test runs have proven, it looks great with jeans.

Aloha The Daily Good, $75 per pack of 30

Racked SF associate editor Esther Hahn: Green juice works wonders as a supplement to a balanced lifestyle. But there isn't always room in the day (or in the budget) to do fresh juice. Aloha's single-serving packets are the perfect alternative. They're easy to pack and pour while you're on the go. And instead of juicing the organic veggies, Aloha purees and dehydrates them to keep that nutritional fiber. Mix the powder into a coconut water to add a little more sweetness for the palate. It might not taste like candy, but the crazy high energy it gives is sustainable and surely won't make you crash.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana, $95 at Amazon

Racked NY editor Tiffany Yannetta: I collect perfumes like other people collect things of actual importance, and my latest addition is the new Elizabeth and James fragrance Nirvana. It comes in two different different scents: White, which is way too floral for me, and Black, which is the sexiest mix of sandalwood, vanilla, and violet I've ever smelled.

If you identify more with Mary-Kate than Ashley, this one's for you. There's something a bit smoky and dark about it that makes me feel like a French woman in the '60s who maybe drinks too much and has constant bedhead.

Mio Workout Wonder, $33 at

Racked Market Editor Nicola Fumo: I am in full-on "get right for summer" mode, which includes a lot of fitness classes—and, as a result, a lot of sore muscles. I've found that MIO's Workout Wonder seriously eases muscle soreness, leaving me ready to tackle that next kickboxing/TRX/Pilates class a lot faster than my body would be ready on its own. It smells encouragingly minty, and is great for relaxing working-at-a-laptop-all-day shoulders, too.
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