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Hello Kitty Has Made the Marlins the Cutest Team EVER.

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Alright we'll admit it. We were unconsolably a little jealous when we saw Racked L.A. post this insanely cute Hello Kitty X Dodgers hat a few weeks back. The good news? We toned down our shade of green a bit when we saw how cute our own Hello Kitty X Marlins merch was.

This year all 30 MLB teams scored Sanrio collabs, all which have been available since opening day. Our Hello Kitty X Marlins goods include a pouch, coin purse, cell phone charm (do people even use cell phone charms anymore?), pins, stickers, pens, a pillow and kids apparel.

While our Marlins' winning streak may not be the impetus you need to attend a game, nor is the shmancy Clevelander Pool, the fact that the in-stadium store is one of the only places to score a Marlins-themed Hello Kitty fan with matching thick-rimmed glasses might be. Well, until they become available on MLB's and Sanrio's websites later this spring. In that case, you're going to have to get creative with your reasoning.
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