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The Ultimate App for a Good Miami Hair Day

Image Via How's Your Hair
Image Via How's Your Hair

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Today's going to be a great day, you think, as you finish tousling up your hair with some shine serum and spray. You've just worked on your mane for over an hour, and are beaming to show the world you possess the fairest strands in all the land, only to discover moments later that the 95% humidity factor has made your once sleek do resemble a fully grown Chia Pet. Royally sucks, but thanks to a new weather app for your hair, you may just avoid skimming out on prime REM time.

The How's Your Hair app is a miracle invention that predicts just how unruly your hair will be. While we agree with the Huff Post that you could potentially get the same information from, ain't nobody got time to figure out what a 45% humidity means for our hair or if 20mph of wind calls for a serious baseball cap. Today, for example, Miami's weather blows in comparison to Tokyo in Paris, and How's Your Hair suggests bringing a hat just in case. Looks like you can find a use for that straw boater style after all.
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