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Dwyane Wade Goes on a Road Trip with The Tie Bar

Image Via The Tie Bar
Image Via The Tie Bar

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Dwyane Wade is cheating on Miami, but we may just forgive him. He's back with another collection for The Tie Bar, and this time he's created sets of bow ties to reflect four cities across the country: New Orleans, Chicago, Memphis and Harlem.

"I wanted to take this collection on the road to capture four places that have inspired me in my travels through their food, architecture, nightlife and music," says Wade. New Orleans' ties and pocket squares are floral heavy; Chicago's ties are classic and sensible and also include some reversible pieces; Harlem's ties and pocket squares are graphic heavy with patterns that seem to be very 90s-inspired; Memphis' ties and pocket squares are preppy enough for the Southern gentleman.

The ties launched this week and retail for $25. Best of all, the proceeds of the collection go towards The Wade's World Foundation, which supports underserved communities across America. D.Wade, we'll give you a free pass this time because the ties are kind of cute, but don't you be looking to other cities now, ya heard?

"New Orleans is a city that makes me want to be stronger. To be resilient and bounce back on the court and in life – I owe that to the city of New Orleans."— Dwyane Wade

"When I take in that magical skyline of some of the tallest buildings in the U.S., I know that I'm at home."— Dwyane Wade

"Memphis is known for its influence of musical genres such as blues, soul, gospel and rock n' roll. Artists and musicians such as Al Green, B.B. King, Aretha Franklin and Elvis Presley all made their mark here."— Dwyane Wade

· The Tie Bar [Official Site]