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Rebecca and Fiona Dish On Thrifting, UMF and The Perfect Wedding Boots

Image Via Ashley Brozic
Image Via Ashley Brozic

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You know the whole "friends can't work with friends" claim? Once you meet DJ duo Rebecca and Fiona, you kind of put the whole notion to rest. The two are currently in the midst of their worldwide tour to promote their soon-to-be released album, Beauty is Pain, and they were nothing but excited at the thought of hopping on Ultra's Main Stage for the first time this year, together.

When we met up with them in between WMC gigs, they were completely in sync with each other, wearing matching baby blue skirt sets and gigantic black Buffalo boots that made us question if the W South Beach had a secret time machine we should know about. While today the two were all dolled up in their contrasting baby blue and baby pink hair for our interview, you'd be surprised to know they hate being fancy. They hate being fancy so much, in fact, that Rebecca plans on swapping dainty wedding heels for chunky Buffalos on her wedding day (she just got engaged), as her maid of honor was quick to suggest. We bet you can't guess who that is...

How would you describe each other's style?
Rebecca: I'm a little bit more preppy. [Fiona] tries more weird stuff and spaces out a little bit more. She doesn't care as much, while maybe I'm more meticulous.
Fiona: I'm more sloppy.
Rebecca: Yeah, that's the word! We have the same style though, definitely.
Fiona: We like the same clothes.

Do you guys ever swap outfits?
Rebecca: All the time, yeah.

When you guys are touring, do you live out of just one suitcase?
Fiona:We have two suitcases but it's almost the same stuff.
Rebecca: We have outfits but they all match. We have five pairs of our sets and then random fun clothes that kind of match, but everything is for our shows. I have one pair of sweatpants that I travel in. I don't even have normal clothes with me because I don't have any time off to be normal.

Are you guys planning to change your look to go with your new album, Beauty is Pain?
Rebecca: I think we already did. We're changing all the time. We've been going nuts with all our different hair colors. Green, purple, pink; I think the only one we haven't tried is yellow. We're always looking for some great stuff, like we're still looking for the best pair of hot pants because we're always in skirts that show everything.

What do you guys like better: performing at clubs or at festivals?
Fiona: Festivals! Everybody can come because you buy a ticket. Sometimes in clubs they separate rich people and we're all about equal partying.
Rebecca: But also, if you're at a festival everybody's there for the same reason. They love music, they want to dance. At a club, people are going out to find girls or guys, and they're not really interested in the music. Or sometimes they go just to get drunk. But at a festival, it's a scene.

How do you guys choose your outfits for festivals?
Fiona: We pick them out ourselves but we work with people. We have a girl who we love her clothing in L.A. It's called Valley Girl. She designed these outfits for us based on what we like. Our creative director, Tommy X, from Sweden, also he helps us out. We want to be comfortable, cheap and not fancy.
Rebecca: We hate fancy! If you buy a really expensive dress, you're only going to wear it once or twice. You don't make up for the price you're paying. So if it's like, sweatpants, obviously you wear them all the time. For us it's more fun to buy second hand and then we can use it and get it back and we have a special and new outfit every time.

Do you have any tips for thrift shopping?
Fiona: It's best to go to places people don't go shopping, obviously, like in small towns/
Rebecca: Because that's where you can find things that are still intact, like really pretty 50s dresses or like really cool 90s whatever.

So then if you guys aren't into fancy clothes, what would you wear to a wedding?
Rebecca: I'm trying to figure that out. I actually just got engaged, so I have no idea what I'm going to wear to my wedding!
Fiona: To a wedding we would wear Buffalo's
Rebecca: Yeah, white buffalo's. Really high buffalo's, and something really sexy.

And have you picked your maid of honor yet?
Rebecca: Obviously [points towards Fiona]. We have some other friends that are going to get mad but I think I'm going to have a couple of them.

Oh, we could totally help you guys out with that! Do you find it hard to work with each other as friends?
Rebecca: We're never co-workers; we're always friends.
Fiona: We think the picture of females having trouble working with each other is a schism made up by society that females should be enemies and guys, in a bigger way, are friends and should stick together. We think that's a myth and it doesn't apply to our way of looking at things. We think it's important that females stick together because together females are strong.

And can we have a hint as to what you'll be wearing to Ultra?
Rebecca: Ooh. I get goosebumps!
Fiona: EDM/90s/Internet
[Editor's Note: At this point, a partygoer walks up to Rebecca, tugs on her pigtails and admires her baby pink locks. We all stare in bewilderment.]
Fiona: But they're custom made outfits, even the shoes.
Rebecca: We haven't even seen them! We were like, we need to outshine ourselves.
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