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Dylan Landon and Basico Are Bringing Style to UMF

Images Via Raquel Zaldivar
Images Via Raquel Zaldivar

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Underwear-flaunting skirts, matching ensembles, bold florals. Ladies, we have our spring trends locked and loaded for the season. What about the guys though? In the past, menswear has always had a limited range of options, but we're in the midst of a testosterone-filled renaissance here. While classic pieces like chinos and denim shirts remain, they're having ever-so-subtle upgrades, like light floral prints and altered hemlines. Floral prints that don't look like dad's Hawaiian shirts? So like, by shorter hemlines you mean shorter shorts, right? You have to see it to believe it, which is why when Dylan Landon, host of Ultra Music Festival's Live Stream, hit us up to outfit him for his hosting duties, we pounced on it.

We took him to Basico, a hip menswear boutique located between Collins and Washington that oozes cool. It's small, but don't let its size fool you. Carrying cool brands like Scotch and Soda, Zenerobe, Closed and Sundek has won them the coveted title of "Best Menswear Boutique" by the Miami New Times last year, marking a milestone in their almost 14 year run in that same location. Francesco Cianci, the owner, walked us through the trends that would see Dylan through three full days of DJ interviews, fist pumps and a whole lot of that tiki tiki music. Catch him in his outfits as he hosts Ultra this weekend, and let us know what you think in the comments.

It's too hot to wear pants, yet the "no shorts allowed" sign that keeps you from getting into the bar is such a buzz kill. What's a guy to do? Scrunched chinos may be the solution. These slim fits from Zanerobe can transition from day to night, especially in a deep color like burgundy. The scrunching at the bottom allows you to move them as high as your calves permit, and it's a nice detail that can really shake up your usual look. As for the shoes, you can pretty much do anything you want depending where your hemline falls. Cianci opted for these Clae Powell Oxblood leather sneakers. "It's a sneaker, but because it has a wingtip it's a dressier sneaker," says Cianci. "He can wear them with shorts, he can dress it up. He can wear it with anything." Just don't wear them with socks. Please, don't wear them with socks.

Bright pants are great for any occasion in Miami, and the stonewashed effect on these chinos from Closed make them a great fit for spring. Cianci tucked them into a pair of high tops from Clae to give the preppy color more of an urban edge, and paired them with a grey graphic tank that can definitely withstand the Ultra heat. The great thing about living in Miami is that brights are very versatile. "We personally love color pants. With these you can wear white, blues, denim. You can do some prints. You can dress it up with a nice jacket, a nice shirt and elegant shoes."

There's nothing wrong with a classic denim shirt, but there's everything right about a printed denim one. Scotch and Soda put their own spin on this denim oxford with a subtle palm tree pattern that's bold enough to make a statement, especially when paired with a bright pair of chinos. As for shoes, chukkas are still hot, so don't be afraid to broaden your collection by delving into patterns. "Guys are being more daring. They're doing reds and patterns- animal print, polka dots, camouflage." Top everything off with a sick set of shades (the bolder, the better), and you're looking at one helluva year at UMF.

Need a last minute outfit for Winter Music Conference, and maybe a last minute Friday night cocktail? Basico is throwing a Happy Hour this Friday from 6 to 9pm at their Ocean Drive shop. You'll get to meet the team behind Zanerobe, the hip Aussie brand that's taking the menswear market by storm. A meet-and-greet, beer and store discounts? Sounds like a plan to us.
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