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Splash Boutique Proves Crochet is SO Not for Grandmas

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Images Via Splash Boutique

Raver gear, fluorescent spandex and those ridiculous fuzzy boots (we don't get them either) are beginning to take over the city, it's true, but hold your breath for just a little bit longer. The surge of nose-flaring fashion will soon be over and we can go back to our daily routines of looking fabulous in Miami.

In order to prepare us for that celebrated day (have you ever been more excited for a Monday?), we tracked down Splash Boutique in South Miami and asked reveal their three Spring Forward trends of the week. Nicole Pardo and Lauren Correa show us when not to wear crochet, how to rework our high-low skirts and what we should be looking for in a romper. Nix the neon; let's bring some style back into this city.

Crochet— Besides crop tops, crochet is the perfect way to show some skin this season, but stick to wearing it during the day. "Crochet, unless used in a black, should be saved strictly for daytime outfits," says Nicole. "Crochet has a beachy boho feel to it, which can make it difficult to pass for a nighttime ensemble. Of course unless you're on an island. Then feel free to crochet away!"

High-low Ruffles— "Hi-low style is one of the most fun trends to play with. It's dressy but can still pass for informal and girly all at the same time. Its movement while walking has a cool touch that gives a different feel from other outfits. The Alexis Hi-low Olivier skirt paired with its matching Ty crop top exemplifies a young and fresh collaboration. Day or night, play up the trend with your own personal style."

Rompers— "I cant rant about them enough! Rompers must be one of the most stress-free, easy-going outfits, while still giving you the benefiting of comfort. Now add that plus bright, perky colors and you have the Finders Keepers Next in Line romper. Pair it up with a pointy stiletto for sass or a wicked bootie. Dare to stand out!"
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