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Hey Brother, Here's What You'll Find at the Avicii Pop-Up Shop

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If you were picturing a LIV-like atmosphere at the Avicii pop-up shop, you'd better set your standards lower. Like, La Covacha lower.

It's not a beat-blasting paradise with LED lights illuminating the merchandise. In fact, it's not even its own standalone shop at all. It's a small section of Wings, that mega touristy store at the corner of Lincoln and Collins, right next to the shot glasses, artificial clams and plastic alligators.

We'll cut the store some slack though. We popped in unannounced, only to discover that the setup hadn't been completed and some of the merchandise hadn't arrived. Overall though, Avicii's stuff is pretty sweet, and you're guaranteed to find everything you need to deck yourself out as the ultimate Avicii fangirl or guy. Except pants. There are $1 condoms, but no pants.

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