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4 Ways to Spin Your Look for a WMC Pool Party

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The sound of style is blasting this week in Miami and we're keen on some serious coverage. From DJ pop-up shops to neon-hued fashion tips, check in with Racked Miami for your daily dose of Winter Music Conference style stories.

WMC Opener

Stressing about what you'll wear to that WMC pool party? You should be. The "conference" part of WMC might as well read "N" for "networking" and you've heard the old adage that 90% of a first impression is looks - or something like that. Whether you're working, partying or doing a bit of both, you'll want to look good poolside as the world's most famous DJs spin feet away (Does anyone say spinning nowadays? Do we sound 100-years-old?), but that can get your head to spin.

No fear. We've taken four EDM archetypes and broken them down into head-to-toe looks that you can find at stores across Miami. -Patricia Guarch Wise

The Chic Kandi Kid

Ultra Kandi Kid

Nothing says I'm-ready-to-trade-kandi-but-don't-want-wear-pasties like a pair of white overalls with a bikini under. Top it off with a neon leopard print backpack that contains an interior protective sleeve for your laptop, just in case you get a chance to show your stuff at the DJ booth.

The Techno-Head/Digital-Print-Lover

Ultra Techno Head

If you're into all things electronic— and we're guessing you are if you have a line-up of WMC parties to attend— you'll dig these digital print leggings paired with a high-tech looking bag and colorful separates. Plus, a pair of silver heels are never unwelcome anywhere in Miami Beach.

The Girl Who's Mixing Business and Pleasure

Ultra Business

You want to be taken seriously, so you steer clear of the more child-like, costume inspired gear, but you also want to look like a girl who can party. The solution? Blend a black one piece with more textured black and white pieces.

You Just Wish It Was Woodstock

Ultra Hippie

All you want is for it to be the Summer of Love back in 1969, not the Spring of Spring Breakers. Make the most of it though and play up your hippie girl vibe with a good ol' fashioned pair of cork wedges and a bunch of floral prints. Peace out.
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