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Nordstrom Swaps Old Clothes for Gift Certificates

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You may have full intentions of cleaning out your closet within the next few weeks, but just the thought of what you'll do with the sack of old clothes that will ominously stare at you for days after you clean is probably giving you cold feet. Halt no more, germaphobes, because Nordstrom is practically paying you to donate last season's wardrobe.

The retailer has teamed up with Fashion Project, an online clothing donation site, to encourage you to make some space for new clothes by giving a brand new life to the old. First you register on Fashion Project and request a complimentary package, in which you then send your gently used garments back to the company. If you've shipped away at least five items from one of these brands and it's original price was at least $50, Nordstrom will send you a $40 gift card. Considering certain consignment stores won't even get you that much, this seems like a spring cleaner's godsend.
· Nordstrom + Fashion Project [Official Site]