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The Miami Dialect; Shakira's Real Estate Drama

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The latest happenings in the real estate scene, courtesy of Curbed Miami...

1) Mi-Ah-Mi: Oye, there's something, like, so totally gratifying about the fact that Miami has its own well established diaaalect of the English language. It's the Miami Dialect, and ay we're super proud, and even like a little super-chonga about it.

2) North Bay Road: Selling her North Bay Road house has been rather problematic for Shakira as of late. She first listed it with one of Miami's celeb brokers who gave it a large PriceChop, and then a broker who was quickly discovered by the gossip media to have a past in drug money laundering. Of course, the direct view of a highway offramp might have something to do with the house's salability, whatever those two brokers' flaws.

3) South Beach: Two developers and two architects are putting the finishing touches on their third architecturally wacky Walgreens Drug Store which, like the other two, is in Miami Beach. Each one has its own distinct look, with dramatically curving architectural elements, tall concrete screens with diamond-shaped windows, and bulging ship hull-like forms. The first two stores are definitely also worth a look.
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]