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Nina Agdal Thinks Miami is "Trouble"

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Welcome to Style Sabbaticals, a new feature on Racked Miami where we ask the fashion industry's top professionals about their favorite whereabouts in town.

Image Via bebe

Nina Agdal has all the makings of a gorgeous gal about to dominate the world: a stint as a Victoria's Secret Model, a beefed up Carl's Jr. ad and, let's not even get into the fact that at 21 she's already scored a coveted spot on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

While many of her most iconic moments have required her to shed layers of clothing, her latest gig requires the full coverage — of her eyes. Agdal is the face of bebe and last Thursday she payed a visit to the retailer's Lincoln Road store to kick off the launch of the brand's sunglass line and spring campaign. Of course, we had to know what this top model likes to do when she's in the funnest city in the Sunshine State, so we chatted her up to find out what she packed, where she likes to shop and what she thinks of Miami in one, fiesty little word.

What did you pack for your trip to Miami?
I packed my favorite pair of aviator sunglasses, my bikini in case I get a chance to go to the beach and jump in the ocean, and I packed my bebe night dress.

Where do you love to shop down here?
Of course bebe! And then there's a boutique called Jessie which I really like too. It has really fun items for day and for night. Everybody should check it out, and I should get a discount!

What's the sexiest or weirdest thing you've ever purchased?
There was this one time I went into a vintage store. I was feeling really artsy and — I'm not really a hipster, I guess I was having a day where I wanted to be — I bought this bag that I paid a lot of money for. I came home and I've never ever worn it. It was just a hot moment, but that's definitely the weirdest thing I've ever bought here. I've bought a lot of small, small tiny dresses, but then you move to New York and you never wear them!

So you have one day in Miami. What's on your agenda?
I'd wake up and have a nice, healthy breakfast. Maybe I might go work out on the beach and jump in the ocean. Then I'd hang out with my girlfriends, go have a nice dinner at Lure, which is absolutely incredible in Miami, and then I'd go have a couple of drinks at Bardot. Then I would go to sleep... eventually.

What is your ultimate outfit to wear in this city?
I feel like Miami is a fun place, you know? It's all about colors, it's all about sex- can I say that?! It's hot here so you can wear a short dress or a tight dress and a good pair of platforms for a night out if you feel like dancing. I really like the crop tops from bebe. You could wear one of those with a pair of shorts or a skirt, put on a wedge and you're good for the day. I feel like it's all about fun when you're dressing up down here.

If you had to sum up Miami in one word, what would it be?
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