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58 Seconds with Kate Upton

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As the new face of EXPRESS, Kate Upton has cemented her position as America's girl next door. You may question this as you envision her glamorously bouncing through a chamber of zero gravity, but you quickly retract your skepticism once you meet her. This Florida native is as pretty as they say she is, but what really grabs your attention is her friendly and down to earth nature. Bible.

The EXPRESS Runway Show at The Raleigh was Kate's first major appearance as the brand's ambassador. We were able to squeeze in a minute with her at the event to talk about her new partnership, her favorite EXPRESS pieces and what she likes to do when she lands back to Miami, the magical city where her reign as a global icon began.

You're at supermodel status right now, which means you could work with any brand you want. Why did you choose to work with EXPRESS?
Kate Upton:
I'm really excited to be working with EXPRESS because growing up it was always amazing quality clothing and great fashion for affordable prices. That's what I grew up with, so to have this collaboration was really exciting moment in my career.

What are the pieces from this collection that you're most excited about?
I really like the pencil skirt paired with a cute top. I also like the dress I'm wearing, which is a strapless white dress.

When it comes to dressing in Miami, what are some of the pieces that you recommend people could wear?
Well, I saw a few really tight black dresses with some cutouts in them and I know that people in Miami are going to love those.

So you're in your perfect EXPRESS outfit. What do you like to do when you're back in South Florida?
Go to the beach- what else is there to do?!