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Habeas Corpus, The Restaurant; The February Eater Heatmap

Photo Courtesy of Cortney Cates

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1) South Miami: New from chef Jorgie Ramos (of Barley & Swine) is Habeas Corpus (named after the pig sidekick in the 1920s Doc Savage comic), a restaurant with an emphasis on Americana fare with a Spanish twist in South Miami. He's partnered up with the owners of Sip Bar, where his restaurant will open, to debut the spot sometime in April.

2) Heatmap: Behold, the updated Eater Heatmap for February 2014. Eat at the places on this map right now. Do it.

3) Miami Beach: A new restaurant named SoHo Bay is opening in Miami Beach. According to their PR gal, it will be a high-end Japanese concept (helmed by a Brazilian chef who graduated from the Gastrotur Culinary School) with an emphasis on sushi. Read all about it.
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