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It's Official: Aventura Mall is Beefing Up

Image Via Turnberry Associates
Image Via Turnberry Associates

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It's official: Aventura Mall will soon be the second largest mall in the U.S. It was up in the air when we announced it a few weeks ago, but the mall finally has the city's approval to add a new three-level, 241,000 square-foot retail wing and a parking garage.

This expansion will bring more higher end stores to the mall, which will surely help Aventura in it's shift towards becoming a more luxurious retail destination. The increasing number of affluent visitors and new Miami residents has caused brands to take notice of our city and demand more retail space. Thus, Aventura Mall was left with no choice but to expand. Sigh.

This expansion will be adding a garage with a ground floor and up to six levels of parking. That alone is cause for celebration, as we can all relate to driving up and down the isles for what feels like hours trying to find a spot. Don't even get us started on what it's like to park during the holidays. Construction should begin this year, so please excuse the dust as you receive a more comprehensive shopping experience.
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