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Eva Longoria on the Cover of Ocean Drive

Images Via Ocean Drive
Images Via Ocean Drive

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Eva Longoria is the queen of household scandals, on the small screen, that is. The former Desperate Housewife and executive producer of Devious Maids opened up to Ocean Drive about whether or not she wants kids (it's not on the agenda, for now), her relationship status with the president of Televisa (she's happy, very happy) and the controversy surrounding Devious Maids, which she reveals has been so successful that critics have apologized for their lack of faith in the show. "There's no better way to silence your critics than success," she claims.

She's the image of glamour in the feature, lounging effortlessly around a Miami mansion in Emilio Pucci and Roberto Cavalli gowns and ducking into the pool in a DVF macrame mini dress for the magazine's March 2014 cover. Curious? Check out the looks after the jump. The actress-turned-producer-turned-college-grad (she recently earned a degree in Chicano studies from Cal State to help her political career) is a fan of Miami, admitting that "If I didn't live in LA, the only other place I would live would be Miami." Heck, she even likes the humidity. If that isn't love, what is?

That being said, we may be seeing more of Longoria, as her next series on ABC, Trust, is set in Miami and follows the drama-filled life of an attorney who takes a job with a wealthy family in order to rekindle a former love affair. It's true, Miami is becoming a tad bit overpopulated, but we think we can squeeze in another smart, sexy Latina, don't you think?

Update: The issue hits stands on February 28.

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