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13 Kitschy Finds at the Lilly Pulitzer Estate Auction This Weekend

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Image via Google

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Dark shades were added to the Lilly Pulitzer palette in April upon the iconic designer's passing, but you can bring home a piece of her legacy at her Palm Beach estate auction taking place this weekend.

No, you won't be able to bid on a patterned shift dress, however you will be able to bring home the classic wicker furniture she lounged upon, hand-sculpted pottery from her worldly travels and a myriad of other home furnishings and accents that gave her Palm Beach oasis the charm it was known for.

You'd be surprised to see that the estate feels more like a cluttered, Floridian hideaway than the pattern-happy mansion you would expect America's reining queen of prep to live in. While the furnishings being auctioned off gorgeously tell the tale of a woman who truly lived a colorful life, there's a solid amount of kitschy items that should be noted. We've rounded up a few golden goods you may want to check out at the exhibition during the week. Who knows? You may just win the intense $20 bid for a pair of Japanese waterfowl models this Sunday.

· Leslie Hindman handling Lilly Pulitzer's Auction [Leslie Hindman Auctioneers]