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PineappleMe: A Style Blog for the Gal who Breaks the Rules

Image Via PineappleMe
Image Via PineappleMe

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Fashion bloggers in Miami seem to come in currents and in this new wave of blogstars, one you should definitely keep an eye out for is Tala Delgado. Her site, PineappleMe, is dedicated to the many moodswings of your personal style. Want to tidy up in tartan? She's found a way to rock it. Want a way to channel your inner American Hustler? Here's her rendition. Her style is slightly more mature than other local bloggers and her looks vary from office appropriate to Wynwood cool.

We caught up with Tala before the influx of brand sponsorships trickles in (shouldn't be too long) to find out all about her personal style and PineappleMe, including the serendipitous story behind the blog's name.

So what's the story behind PineappleMe? If you had to describe it in one sentence, what would you say about it?
The story behind PineappleMe was my love for art and design speaking through my wardrobe. I wanted to share my perspective with the world, so I created a blog to do so.
The idea of fashion for me is freedom, and I wanted people to see that! My goal with PineappleMe is to guide others to create their own unique fashion interpretation by wearing what they really like.

What were you doing before PineappleMe? What made you want to start your own blog?
I majored in Marketing and advertising. I've been involved in the fashion industry working for corporate retailers for years. The combination turned out to be the passionate drive to start broadcasting my ideas, then PineappleMe was born.

How would you describe your style?
I would say it's picturesque; I 'm a mosaic of different styles. My heritage, my mood, art, music and fashion trends is what determines my outfit choices. I like hippie, preppy, modern, vintage... And that's what I want to show with PineappleMe, how to incorporate all those things you love in a fashionable way.

What kind of girls do you think are interested in your blog, and what should they expect?
A girl that likes to experiment and break some rules. That is not only driven by today's trends, but more by what she likes and represents her style.

PineappleMe is a pretty funky name for a personal style blog. Where does it come from?
That question makes me smile every time. It came from the sweetest nickname I've been giving by a stranger. Five years ago, an elderly gentleman that worked at grocery store decided to call me "Pineapple Princess", and even told "Siri" to do the same. That is where it came from. My blog is my sweet project so it became PineappleMe.

Any future plans with PineappleMe? Where would you like to see the blog in five years?
In the near future I want to reach broader audiences. Being able to enrich my content with influences from different cultures, trends, runways from around world. In five years I want PineappleMe to become an influence in fashion, in how to create your own personal style. Collaborating with designers is one of my main goals and being able to showcase my philosophy through them.