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Addison Kids Puts the Cool into Kid's Rooms

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When it comes to kid's rooms, it's almost impossible to get out of that "theme" area. I mean, options are endless. Is your kid wild? Deck the place out in vines and call it a jungle. Your princess spends the day switching in and out of frilly dresses? Overload the room with castles and unicorns. You want to live out your childhood fantasies? Slather it in Mickey merchandise and call it a day. And the list of tacky children's themes goes on...

Addison Kids is the answer to your themed conundrum. The store just opened in Aventura and carries bite-sized modern furniture that your children won't outgrow, unless they undergo an intense overnight growth spurt, which we all know is a possibility. Some of the designer brands it carries are Pianca, Fresh Mobiliario, Juvenile, Zalf Mobili, Kartell and Missoni Home. It's a division of Addison House, which has been a South Florida landmark for modern furniture for the past 25 years.

Addison Kids is located just steps away from its parent company and has a sturdy selection of those bunk beds with the dressers build in, minimalistic, clean-slated desks, groovy, Austin Powers-like chairs and pillows and accents you might want to steal for your own living room. Your child's space won't feel cluttered or dated, and it's pretty much guaranteed that she or he will have the coolest room in the house, if not on the entire block. So before you even think of investing in that God-awful race car bed, consider opting for something a little less outgrowable.

· Addison House [Official Site]