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Loba Lands in MiMo; The First Week at Buns & Buns

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And now, the hottest dish on Miami's food scene from Eater Miami.

[Photo Courtesy of Cortney Cates]

1) South Miami: Buns & Buns is a mysterious little place, but its overflowing with delicious breads and funky recipes, it's affordable and it's got a cool attitude, so we forgive it for not telling us absolutely everything. Especially since, they did tell us some things. This way for an interview with their adventurous chef, Reuven Sugarman, on the first week in business.

2) MiMo: Joining restaurants like The Federal and Blue Collar in MiMo district is Loba, a gastropub that will serve up playful twists on Latin/New American dishes. Here's the full scoop.

3) Wynwood: So, Lester's is gone, but Mmmm is here. Apparently, the new restaurant is opened by Cathy Vedovi, a restaurateur who also owns The Milk Shop in Los Angeles. Plans are for Mmmm to open this weekend.
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