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What's Left of Peter Pilotto in Miami

Image Via Net-A-Porter
Image Via Net-A-Porter

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Okay so you overslept on Sunday and missed Pilottorama at Target. We won't tell you it's not the end of the world, because it might as well be. But if you can get over the fact that you won't get your hands on the more popular pieces (like this and this) then you still have a chance to add Peter Pilotto to your expanding collection of Target collabs.

Most stores have a few pieces meandering around, however if you really want to hit the jackpot, take a trip to Hialeah. As we previously advised this Target gets the least amount of crazed shoppers the morning of the launch. But if you're still hellbent on going to the Target in your respective neighborhood, then here's a list of what's left.

Target Aventura: This location has a couple of dresses left, from the pouffy jackered dress to the shift silhouette. There's a mixture of sizes depending on the style. You'll find no accessories, however there are some shoes left.

Target Midtown: A store rep tells us there are only remnants of what was Peter Pilotto at Target. There are a couple of shoes in larger sizes, some long sleeve tees and full-piece swimsuits. Other than that, they've got nothin'.

Target North Miami: There are approximately 11 bags left but unfortunately no sunglasses. There are plenty of dresses in different sizes and a few sizes of the black and white bikini.

Target Hialeah: This is your best bet to shop Peter Pilotto to your hearts desire. There's plenty of dresses, swimwear (yes, even the bikinis) and accessories, including sunglasses.

Target Bird Road: They still have blouses, dresses, bikini tops, one piece swimsuits and those chic black pants. There are no purses nor sunglasses though. Sizes vary.

Target Cutler Bay: There's some variety in what they have left in regards to blouses, dresses and pants. Sizes are varied.

Target Kendall: There's just a little bit of everything left, including dresses swim suits, shoes, purses and sunglasses. Aside from Hialeah, this may be your other best bet.