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A Roundup of Art Basel's Hottest Street Artists This Year

Photo: Facebook/<a href="">Nychos/Shot by </a><a href="">Julie Brass</a>
Photo: Facebook/Nychos/Shot by Julie Brass

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You may have noticed the wave of new murals that have popped up throughout Wynwood over the weekend. We didn't. What we did notice, however, were the wave of bearded, tatted, muscular street artists in front of their larger than life creations.

Some will be off before week's end, others are permanent Miami fixtures. Wherever they may fall, rest assured that these guys have managed to steal the spotlight from the murals they've so slaved over. Luckily, though, we'll be able to stroll through the city and glimpse the fruits of their labor, until next year's round of hot street artists rolls around, that is.

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@Akut_one is only partially responsible for the immense mural of a child with a rat on his head that's popped up in Wynwood (he worked on it with his art partner, Hera), however this German import is fully responsible for his looks.

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@easeonetx tags trains, walls and trucks. Now if only he would tag us...

@MiamiNate's pastimes include tagging rhinos, dressing as Game of Thrones characters, making art for charity, and catching our eyes. Bonus? He's a local!

For Basel this year, @illestratorart drew a life-size version of The Hulk. His inspiration? His own physique, of course.

Last day on the wall. Joined by art legend @brittopopart. A happy day...

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With the @londonpolice, you get two hotties for the price of one. Catch their murals in the heart of Wynwood and in South Beach!

After spray Portray ! ;) #deadoralive #rabbiteyemovement #afterspray

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Try not to blush when you're around @Nychos. He's had enough of that shade on the side of the new Miami Ad School building.

The Champ is here!

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@alecmonopoly never reveals his true identity (except maybe to Lord Disick). The mystery man behind the mask has us intrigued...