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Where the Digital Director of Harper's Bazaar Heads During Basel

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"With Miami, I'm going to go with swimwear," Joyann King stated, as she picked up a highwaisted bikini and cutout one piece from Flagpole Swim. The Digital Director of Harper's Bazaar is in town this week for Art Basel, holding down the fort at the Shop Bazaar pop-up at Soho Beach House. Inside you'll find merchandise featured in the magazine curated especially for Miami, from sleek Bec and Bridge dresses to Henri Bendel bags. We talked and shopped with her while previewing the store yesterday, covering everything from how to curate the ultimate Miami pop-up to what she thinks about print in a digital world. Read on to see what this red-lipstick touting, Texas native loves about this city, and where you can find her on her off time during Basel!

How do you curate everything for the store?
The process is actually really cool for us because it's very layered. This is our third time at Shop Bazaar, but we've now popped up at Coachella three years. So this is technically our sixth store where we've taken our eCommerce platform to life. It's one thing to have an online store but it's another thing where we get to interact with the clothes and make a tight edit in the experience. It's fun... Everything starts with the magazine. It's the mothership. The concept of Shop Bazaar is to offer readers direct access to the items we're featuring in the magazine, so the edit of the season, but we also want to give them other things we love that, for whatever reason, didn't fit in the story. Or we want them to have access to the key essentials of the season that maybe weren't editorial enough to be in one of the high fashion shoots.

How do you make it work for Miami?
So for Miami we take that sort of thought process. There were a few pages in the December/January issue talking about what you should be packing and what you should be wearing here to the parties and stuff. All of those items will be featured here, but then it was about us going ok, what do we love here about resort? What would we want to be wearing in Miami? You see swimwear with cutoffs, you see great party dresses, but you also see a great sweater that you might see on a rainy day.

What are some of your favorite things to do here during Art Basel?
When I have free time and I'm not shopping at Shop Bazaar, I think the food scene is great. I definitely need to get some pool time after the polar vortex last year. I need to get as much sun as possible and this year it's shaping up to be worse, so I'll be hanging out here by the pool with some of the other editors of Bazaar catching up after Thanksgiving. Then I definitely want to see some art so we'll definitely try to go to the convention center tomorrow and kind of walk around and experience that. There's lots of parties at night that are centered around galleries and different installations so I want to be able to do some socializing while seeing art.

The basis of Bazaar has always been print. How do you keep it up to date and relevant and up to speed with all your other components?
I actually would disagree with you. The basis of Bazaar isn't print anymore. The magazine, like I said, is our premier editorial, our premier product. In November we had 6 million unique visitors on That's our best month ever. When I came to Bazaar four years ago, it was upwards of 1 million. So to see the kind of growth that we've seen, especially in the last year and a half, shows me that it's not just a magazine. We have potential to follow our reader throughout all the iterations of where content is going to take us. Shop Bazaar has been a big part of that. To be able to turn our reader into a customer has been such a cool new relationship, but I think the trick is evolving. It's being where the conversation is. It's trying new things, not being afraid. That's sort of our attitude on social media as well. We have a huge Pinterest following, almost 5 million followers. We're one of the largest magazines on Pinterest! We want to give our readers tons of inspiration every day, so we probably pin upwards of 200 pins a day, which is a lot, but it's expected.

I think it's about taking away the old concept of a magazine that's 147 years old and asking how it's going to turn into the digital age. I think it's about not being held back by that but looking at the authority that we stand on- luxury, style, taste- and translating that to the new digital world. It's challenging, but when it works it's exciting. [Shop Bazaar] is a perfect example of it kind of working.

Shop Bazaar is always one of the events I get most excited for during Art Basel. I love coming in here and see what you guys have curated.
It's fun to be a part of it. To watch it from afar would be missing an opportunity and fashion is becoming such a huge part of Art Basel. Every fashion brand is coming down here.

What are some of your places to shop while you're down here?
Obviously Shop Bazaar pop up because it's right here! There have been things I've been sort of ogling since we started putting the store together for the last few months. I'll definitely try to go to The Webster. I think Laure has amazing taste and her store is one of the must-sees. I'm actually really excited to go to the Henri Bendel stores after meeting [Henri Bendel creative director] Pina Ferlisiand and hearing about all the stuff that they're doing. I have some Christmas shopping to do and I feel like I can find some really good stuff there.

Sum up Miami in one word.

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