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Is Rick Ross the Next Richard Simmons?

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There's no workout that makes you hustle harder than RossFit. Carol City native and heavyweight rapper Rick Ross recently went on the Today Show to talk about his recent slim-down, after suffering two seizures over the past year and a half. His secret to losing 100 pounds? He cut the soda, stopped ordering steaks at 2am, and learned to love pears, or as he likes to call them "nature's candy."

We were really curious about his actual workout though. So curious, that we sat through his whole 24-minute documentary with CrossFit, where he talked musical inspirations (shoutout to Rebbie Jackson), his epic fame across the dispensary world, his former stint as a football center in high school, and his profound longing for chicken wings before finally getting to his eponymous fitness routine. So what exactly does RossFit entail? Start off with a nicely rolled blunt and a light jog to your mailbox as a warmup. Then jump straight into lunges, light calisthenics, power cleans and deadlifts in the rain and knee pushups. Finally, finish off with some high fives between you and your crew, because no self-respecting RossFit member works out alone.

In conclusion, we're still not really sure what RossFit is, but we're really holding out for a video series staring the bossman himself. Blunts and box jumps- that's really what it's all about.
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