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Anatomy at 1220 Is a Wellness Wonderland of Opulence

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Welcome to Workout Wednesday, where we shed the limelight on Miami's hottest fitness trends, studios and workouts.

Photos: Anatomy at 1220

What do you get when a nightclub impresario and a former NFL player put their heads together? Anatomy at 1220, South Beach's most luxurious health and fitness center that contains every single amenity known to mankind. It's like the rabbit's hole of workout wonderland (and we're not just saying this because it does resemble something out of nightlife wonderland). Marc Megna, co-founder and former Jets and Patriots player, walks us through.

"Anatomy at 1220 is a wellness and fitness center that does have a gym inside of it, but it's not a gym," says Marc. "We offer training, membership training, one-on-one personal training, and group fitness training. We have a medical component that does every type of test you can think of to monitor your health, from body fat to VO2 max testing, blood work to food sensitivity testing. We have an outside eating area, a retail store, a full-blown salon that does hair blowouts, manicures and pedicures. We have a spa area with a steam room, infrared sauna, a cold therapy room, a cold plunge, a jacuzzi, massage therapy, a chiropractor. That's just for now."

Anatamy at 1220 was born from the ideas of both Marc and Chris Paciello, a Miami entrepreneur who made a name for himself in the 90s by opening two nightclubs, Risk and Liquid. He also founded VitaSquad and currently oversees Bianca and FDR at the Delano. The two noticed there was no real "luxury" fitness center in the city where you could train like an athlete. Marc added the fitness touch, Chris brought in the opulence, and alas, we now have Anatomy at 1220.

"A gentleman can come, get his workout in, eat his post workout meal, get a massage, get his hair done, hit the steam room, whatever he wants. He doesn't even have to leave the ground," explains Marc. It's true. You can literally walk in, get a bone density scan, jump into a personal training session, relax in their VitaSquad IV room, get a full blowout and grab a to-go bite from their picturesque cafe. This is as all-in-one as you can get, folks.

But one cannot just become a member of Anatomy at 1220; one must apply for it. There's a nine person membership committee who "knows everyone in Miami," as Marc puts it, and decides upon close inspection. Who isn't allowed to sit at Anatomy's table? Bad apples with bad reputations. "We want good energy here. Most people won't get shut out, but we want a really special group," says Marc.

A basic membership starts at $250 a month and includes complimentary valet and towel services, unlimited sessions in the cold and steam rooms, one IV bag, one basic blood panel, consultations with a nutritionist, a medical director, and a personal trainer, and one session in the oxygen chamber. Then again there's always the VIP package, because if you're going to get fit, you might as well do it big.

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