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Get a Blowout, Receive Free Beauty Tools at this Salon at The Falls

Photo: HSI Professional
Photo: HSI Professional

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When you step out of HSI Professional HAIRBAR at The Falls, you leave with two things. First, a freshly done mane. Second, a whole slate of points that will eventually get you free HSI Professional tools. In other words, you win. Always.

So how does this rewards system work? For every dollar you spend, you rack up a point that would eventually go towards buying HSI Professional tools, which include brushes, flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers. Prices for services range from $15 for express flat ironing (that's 15 earned points) to $63 if you want Rapunzel-like braids (that's a whole 63 points for you)!

The starting price for a 1-inch ceramic flat iron is $199 (although it's on special now for $99), so essentially you'd need to book a few services in order to go home with brand new electric styling tools. You could, however, walk home with a $29 brush easily in one sitting.

Although HSI Professional has been around since 2008, this is their first venture into the world of beauty salons. (Well, second, technically. They launched a waterless cart at Miami International Mall back in November). The salon opened earlier this month and looks like a feminine baroque chateau, with fuchsia and red tufted seating, plenty of elaborate mirrors, and Victorian chandeliers and HSI blowdryers suspended in midair. It's a pop of pink at one of Miami's southernmost malls, so drop in, primp up, and get those points.

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