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Sample 46 Fitness Studios Around Miami with ClassPass

Photos: ClassPass
Photos: ClassPass

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Pilates studios, yoga sessions, barre classes, dance workouts- Miami's workout options are as spread out as the city's borders. Getting the flow of a workout isn't the hard part, it's getting into the flow that is, and many times the thought of working out ends at the statement, "Oh! I've been meaning to try that..." Selecting one sole gym to invest in, without having the chance to try out the rest, is that damn hard, but for every initial workout doubt, there's ClassPass, which lets you try out 46 different fitness studios per month, from Boca to South Miami.

Let's explain this miracle pass, shall we? Once you sign up for the service, you'll have access to all the classes within ClassPass' expansive 46 gym list. So you could potentially book a CoreFusion workout at exhale in Downtown, and then jet on over to take a barre class at BarreMethod in South Miami on the same day, at no additional cost. The only rule? Each studio is limited to only three visits per month, so, no, you can't OD on the Vixen Workout. You'll have to sprinkle some yoga in instead.

It's simple to reserve your spot too, and you can browse classes for that same day by type of workout, neighborhood, studios and start time. There are no long term commitments, and you can put your ClassPass membership on hold for $19. ClassPass is currently available in 13 cities across the country, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Austin, and through the end of 2014, you can use your ClassPass while you travel, for free!

But enough about the other cities. Who's on board in Miami? There are 18 studios offering yoga, four cycling studios, seven studios offering barre classes, 15 Pilates studios, six strength training spots and two dance workouts. And the roster has some pretty big names on it too, including Flywheel, Green Monkey, Pure Barre, exhale, CrossFit Wynwood, Vixen Workout and many more to come within the next few months.

So whether you're the type of person who spends his or her day running around town and can't make it to that impossible 6:30 class thanks to Miami's wonderful traffic patterns, or if you're the type who bores easily of daily routines, ClassPass is a no frills solution to your workout dilemmas, at a price you definitely can't beat.

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