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It's Official: Naeem Khan is Moving his Operations to Miami

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

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Confirmed: Naeem Khan will indeed be moving his couture operations to the Miami River. We speculated the claim a few weeks ago, and last week the Herald reported that Miami-Dade commissioners approved the discounted land deal that was offered to the designer, with only one naysayer opposing the deal.

"I'm so excited. I have goosebumps," said Khan, as reported by the Miami Herald. "All of my clothes are going to be made here. We're moving all of our production out of New York, to Miami."

But why Miami? The Michelle Obama-approved designer liked our city for its port, climate, and access to detailed handiwork by South Americans, a sector these countries have been particularly known to excel in. It also helps that the designer has his own multi-million pad here, and enjoys romps at Soho Beach House and The Standard Spa.

According to the article, the completion of the 30,000-square-foot "architecturally significant" headquarters and production facility" should take about three years, and will cost roughly $6 million. To further jumpstart Miami's fashion industry, the building will house a training program for future designers and fashion manufacturers. Who knows? We may see the next Yves Saint Laurent or Oscar de la Renta pop out of here.

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