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Chrome Hearts to Open During Basel With David's Cafe Inside

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welcome to miami @chromeheartsofficial . pop'n up soon

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Chrome Hearts is a store with a cult following around the world, from Taipei to Honolulu, and it's about to get its own little following here in Miami. The over-25-year-old brand, has collaborated with the Rolling Stones, Comme des Garçons, Rick Owens, and Gareth Pugh in the past, and will be opening a "new location" for Art Basel here in the Design District (or a perma-pop-up, as the store is kind of "popping up" during Basel, but has no concrete plans to leave yet). Cuban sandwiches are involved.

The outside of the building has its signature gaudy crosses and motorcycle font logo (which is fitting, as Chrome Hearts first began as a motorcycle riding-gear company). As for the inside, sources say it's "radically different than anything the brand has done." It will be a "factory style" showroom, art gallery, and café where established and emerging artists and designers collaborate to create pieces exclusively for this space. We're told you can expect limited edition jewelry collections and one-of-a-kind creations.

You'll first be greeted by a fifteen-foot tall living garden wall and from there you'll be exposed to a wall full of oddities from Chrome Hearts' "Objects of Desire" collection and a photo tribute of the company's most iconic pieces shot by co-founder Laurie Lynn Stark. After that, you'll run into the artists' exhibits, intertwined with retail aspects and Chrome Hearts' famed jewelry collection. Oh, and if you weren't excited yet, we'll give you a reason to be excited now. Miami cult classic David's Café will be popping up inside to serve cafecitos and sandwiches. It's rumored to open to the public on December 1, however the date isn't concrete yet. We'll update you when it is, and give you a sneak preview inside.

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Chrome Hearts Miami

4025 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33137