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Vênsette Brings Hair and Makeup Services to Miami's Doorsteps

Photo: Facebook/<a href="">Vensette</a>
Photo: Facebook/Vensette

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Getting a pizza delivered to your doorstep is great, but some prefer a hair dresser. Or a makeup artist. Or both, really, because looking good on the fly in Miami is a 24-hour deal. Vênsette, the on-demand luxury hair and makeup app, just launched in Miami, bringing beauty and makeup services right to your doorstep in less than 45 minutes!

Photo: Facebook/Vensette

The app was founded by Lauren Remington Platt, a Columbia grad and former financier. While working at a hedge fund in New York, she realized how inconvenient it was to get her hair and makeup done after work with all the traveling involved, not to mention how impossible it was to find a beautician to tend to her at 6am for that board meeting she wanted to rock. After speaking to beauticians all around town, Vênsette was born in 2011, as a way to cater to women who want to look fly, while they themselves are on the fly. This year the app has ventured to launch in three cities within five months: LA, first; San Francisco, next; and now, Miami.

Photo: Facebook/Vensette

Vênsette works like a blow dry bar in that you can choose from a variety of styles on a menu and have a professional glam you up, from your strands to your pout. The styles are inspired by icons and areas, from a classic Grace Kelly makeup look to a striking Tribeca-inspired high pony. Vênsette's team of experts are highly trained to provide customers with uniform hair and makeup palettes, so you can forego the frustration of explaining how you like your cat eye done, every damn time.

Photo: Facebook/Vensette

Hair services are $100 while makeup services are $150, but you can get a hair and makeup bundle for $200. Group services are available as well, so take a cue from the teams at Michael Kors and Gucci and book Vênsette for your next photo shoot or wedding. Expect your Vénsette beautician to use cosmetics and hair products from Burberry, Makeup Forever, Smashbox and more, as Vênsette often teams up with popular brands exclusively for periods of time.

Photo: Facebook/Vensette

The temporary draw? The service has not yet been released for Android and Window devices, and is currently only available in central Miami. The save? Plans for devices other than iPhones are in the works, you can book it on your computer as wekk, and they'll tack on additional cities around Miami depending on demand. Pinecrest, you'd better start emailing them STAT.

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