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Meet Shongy, Joanna Paige's Shoe-wearing Princess at Large

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Welcome to Racked's first-ever Pet Week! For five days straight, we'll be highlighting what makes Miami so great for our furry (or slimy) friends. Watch out— this content has major bite.

Shongy-licious, definition: make them dogs go loco.

This pup can't quite sing like the Chonga Girls (then again, maybe that's a good thing), however she can run a shoe store like it's her job. As the store mascot of Joanna Paige, Shongy acts as the protector, often sitting by the window to people watch and bark at animals, anything with wheels, and people in uniform. Otherwise, you can find her lounging on the arm of this shoe store's big green couch like a princess. "She is definitely sassy and has a whole 'tude to her," says store owner Joanna Silver. "People come to the store just to see her and are upset when she isn't here." You can often find this four-year-old maltese sporting her M-16 peace sign necklace ("she won't let you take it off!"), but hates wearing shoes, which is ironic because she works at a shoe store. She's a total TV junkie, so when she's not working you can find her barking at the critters on Animal Planet, exercising her princess duties and not sharing the remote.

Like Shongy? Vote for her when the polls open today to find Miami's Coolest Store Sidekick, and don't forget to check out the other pets we've featured this week!
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