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How Miami's Barkhaus Achieves the Best Doggon Pictures Ever

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If you've ever tried posing a dog for a picture, you'll know that building an atomic bomb could potentially be easier, less you go through an entire bag of Halo treats in one sitting (if you can even get the pup to sit). Unless of course you're Barkhaus, a Miami-based doggy daycare, hotel, and training facility. If you follow them on Instagram, you'll know that holding the scroll ain't possible, as they have image after image of perfectly posed dogs in height order, all looking intently at the camera as if they had been sitting there all along, and you, the photographer, only happened to catch them like that.

What started as a way to let owners know how their pups were doing has now become a daily routine. Owners Andres and Natalie sometimes gets up to 30 dogs to sit and stay for them and, get this, hardly any treats are involved. After the jump, they let us in on their secrets to getting that perfect puppy pose, mating calls, kibbles, and all.

The rain couldn't catch up!

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1) Happy Dog, Happy Picture: "We get the dogs all together once we have been walking for a bit and they are all in the same calm state of mind."

It's not a Halloween party until the boys show up dressed as girls! #heygirl

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2) When in doubt, RAWR: "We get them to look by clapping, calling heir names or making really strange noises. They love when I make the T-Rex mating call.. That call is kept a Barkhaus secret."

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3) But how can they sit for so long? "That's gonna cost you extra! They only go crazy once we tell them we have the perfect know they celebrate."

Vacation Crabs

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4) Dogs are divas too: "We don't like to take more than 10 minutes, after that they start losing their artistic poses. You know how models are!"

Time to chill. It's Friday!

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5) It's all in the treats, sometimes: "We like to use their own kibble as reinforcement, that way they are happy and so is their waistline. No dog should be fat!"

On our daily stroll earlier. Thanks @aldiazphoto for capturing the moment.

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6) The Barkhaus story: "People always ask us if al the 30 something dogs we are walking are ours. My response is always YES! we are part time dog care takers and full time dog hoarders. As far as what we've learned, it's endless. The dogs teach us something new everyday!"

Oh so that's how that saying goes...

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