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Bulldogs in Fashion: Meet the Frenchies of Miami!

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Welcome to Racked's first-ever Pet Week! For five days straight, we'll be highlighting what makes Miami so great for our furry (or slimy) friends. Watch out— this content has major bite.

Photo: Rocco from Nic del Mar

We received so many French bulldog submissions from Miami store and salon owners that it was impossible to choose over one wrinkled little face over another. Solution? We're featuring the whole lot. Meet Rocco (the bikini bro), Frenchie (the doggy diva), Mila (the American Apparel howler), and Kiko (the puppy prodigy), right after the jump, and don't forget to vote for your favorite over the weekend in our Coolest Store Sidekick contest!

You first met Rocco when we featured Nic del Mar for Swim Week, but that was only a brief encounter. This two-year-old Frenchie works full time at this Coral Gables swimwear boutique with duties that could fill a dog house. According to storeowner Jeanette Nicole Roger, "his duties include buying at the tradeshow, being a prop on photoshoot sets, and during store hours he entertains boyfriends while their girls are busy trying on bikinis." When he's not working, you can find him sunbathing in between mannequins. Oh and ladies, he's known as quite the snuggler. Catch him on a good day when his ears are at ultimate peak, and you may just never let go.

This French bulldog is so French, her name is even Frenchy. Meet the six-year-old pup inside Shop Famosa, a chic Miami Springs boutique that opened back in April. You can often find this doggy diva taking naps in her faux feather carpet, but she'll make an exception for playtime, where only her "Chew-nel" and "Chewy Vuitton" toys will suffice. Although she suffers from epilepsy ("You can call her Frenchy the miracle!", says store owner Stephanie Fleites) she manages to find the silver lining with belly rubs, paw-dicures, and cheese. Bring her a cheeseburger sometime, and you'll make this little miracle dog's day. And if you're lucky, she may even howl back!

Mila is OHM Boutique's mascot. At two-years-old, this Frenchie is the official greeter of the store who sits by the door to make sure every customer gets a hello and a goodbye before walking out. She's usually calm, cool, and collected, unless there's a kid around, which means optimum playtime. "She's almost jumped into a few strollers, too," says store owner Vanessa Saumo. She loves wearing her American Apparel hoodies, but she hates being ignored. "I swear, she's human. It makes her very mad," says Vanessa. But this pup needn't be worried about being ignored. Customers often come in asking for her, and if they tease her enough, they may just hear her mutter the words, "I love you!"

At four-months-old, Kiko is in her puppy prime. Already hired at Blo Midtown, she's mastered the art of schmoozing with clients and taking the perfect selfie, but be not mistaken: a treat is expected in payment. She's also been known to man the reception desk on days when Blo is short staffed. She's happiest sitting on your lap while you get your mane blown out, but will pause from her day job to accept praise from her newly found Instagram fame. "Not getting attention makes her very mad. it's simply not acceptable to walk past her without telling her how gorgeous she is," says salon owner Sandirose Magder.

Like one of these guys? Vote for them when the polls open this Friday, November 14 to find Miami's Coolest Store Sidekick, and don't forget to check the site each day this week for more store mascots!
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