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Introducing The Vixen Workout 'PG-13' for High School Babes

Photo: The Vixen Workout
Photo: The Vixen Workout

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The Vixen Workout has gone from rated R to PG-13. Up until last Monday, Vixen classes have been reserved for legal adults 18 and over, however the team behind the percolating workout has introduced a new set of classes geared towards middle and high schoolers ages 13 and up. The Vixen Workout "PG-13" will still tout the same sexy moves, however it won't be using any dirty, profane lyrics, and moms and big sisters are totally welcome.

"The main reason I was excited for this 'PG-1' Vixen Class was because now my friends are going to feel how I felt when I went to Vixen," said Manolie T., a 15-year-old ambassador for the brand. "They are going to feel confident and good about themselves. For me it's important that every teen who goes to this class feels this way, because I know what it's like to feel bad about yourself and to feel unconfident. I can't wait for whats in store for 'PG-13' Vixen!"

The workout will be held on Mondays at Street Jamz Dance Studio at 7pm. Reserve your spot in class for tonight by visiting here.
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Street Jamz Dance Studio

2255 SW 32nd Ave, Miami, FL 33145