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Worldcenter May Be Home to Miami's Smallest Bloomingdale's

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Today Racked reported that Bloomingdale's could be preparing to open smaller stores across the nation, with Miami being one of the main cities. A 120,000-square-foot store is supposed to open here come 2016, which we're assuming is the same Bloomingdale's that will be opening in Miami World Center now that the monster project has received approval.

What does this downsize mean to you? WWD reported on the new Bloomingdale's that will soon replace the larger one at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California. While the store is almost 100,000 square feet smaller, it feels larger thanks to an increase in window space and it still manages to squeeze in 68 designer shops. How? By more tightly curating their selection of products and brands.

In addition, there are wall-mounted ipads so you could look up sizes and call on store associates, same day delivery, and the ability to ring you up from anywhere on the floor, without a cash register. The brand is also looking to expand with more Florida stores.
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