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Two Miami Consignment Stores, Three Epic Halloween Costumes

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Welcome to Dress Code, a feature where we pick a Miami event and ask three of our favorite shops to solve the what-do-I-even-wear-to-that dilemma.

Photo: Las Tias

The "good" candy stash at CVS is quickly diminishing, you admit you'll be sad to see the inflatable pumpkin on your neighbor's lawn go come Saturday, and the thought of blowing $59 on a polyester cop costume has you feeling some type of way. But just because you don't blow the bank on a Halloween costume this year, doesn't mean you'll blow your chances at a "Best Costume" win. Just check out what Las Tias and L.A. Boudoir whipped up for us with consigned Halloween costumes that are totally wearable again, from the absolutely cruel to the ultimate in cabaret.

A Dancer at The Moulin Rouge

Where: L.A. Boudoir
What: Black and red feather headpiece, $38; Black and red plaid corset, $36; 1950s black skirt slip, $34; Black satin gloves, $16; Rhinestone necklace set, $25; Fishnet pantyhose, $5.
Why: "She is sultry and sexy without showing too much skin. By using vintage lingerie and accessories, it makes this costume look and feel that much more authentic," says Lauren Arkin, owner of L.A. Boudoir.

Cruella de Vil

Where: Las Tias
What: British Mist pearl trench coat, $65; Donna Rico N.Y. black cross-back strappy cocktail dress, $80; Jimmy Choo red slingbacks, $180.
Why: "You can never go wrong with a classic villian costume on Halloween," says Nicki Sorrentio, visual coordinator and stylist at Las Tias, "especially one as stylish as the in comparable Cruella de Vil."

Studio 54 Regular

Where: Las Tias
What: 90s Betsey Johnson maxi dress, $135; Blue glitter wedges, $30; 1960s French shades, $300.
Why: "Step into the 1970s with this 90s Betsey Johnson maxi dress, blue glitter wedges, and these far out 1960s French shades," says Nicki.

· Dress Code [Racked Miami]