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Miami Has Created the Crappiest Calendar of Them All

Photo: Fertile Earth Foundation
Photo: Fertile Earth Foundation

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We've discovered one reason to be excited for 2015, and it involves poop. Twelve months of it. Miami's Fertile Earth Foundation, a non-profit committed to using poop as a resource and teaching us about it, will be rolling out a 2015 calendar featuring 12 poop-loving South Florida ladies completely covered in shit. All kinds of shit. Worms, cows, fish— you name it.

This isn't their first rodeo though. They released the first version in 2013 and are back at it again, having rolled out a Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing (their goal is $10,000). The calendars will retail at $25 if they hit their goal, so hold off on that calendar purchase for 2015 and get your shit together, people.
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