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Forget Costumes, Miami Twice is Opening a Home Store

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Photo: Twice Consignment
Photo: Twice Consignment

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Miami Twice is doubling up. The consignment store, most notable for Halloween costumes, will be opening up Casa Twice, a consignment and vintage home store a few blocks down in the up-and-coming Bird Road Arts District on Sunday. The celebration will include food trucks, the store's private brand and an adult lemonade stand, because if you haven't yet discovered the beauty of a lemonade and vodka, you may be missing out.

Inside the store, you'll be able to find "up-cycled" and vintage furniture, art, home accessories, glassware and even fabrics. According to Community Newspapers, the husband and wife team behind the TWICE ventures, who are both in the Spanish television industry, forewent the traditional fancy showroom concept and instead refurbished a bunch of old Florida houses and cottages to as a means to display their finds. If you look at the website, it looks pretty shabby chic, so if you're trying to score those finds that you so covet from old Better Homes and Gardens Issues, it may be worth a Sunday stop.
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Casa Twice

4215 S.W. 72 Avenue, Miami, FL 33155